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2025 Policy Agenda

About the Project

The Energy Foundation's Federal team is focused on supporting an equitable 2025 Federal regulatory and policy agenda. Our intention is rooted in environmental justice, aiming to address critical issues in climate change, clean energy, and public health. In recognizing the importance of diverse voices, especially those from BIPOC and frontline communities, we are committed to shifting the traditional dynamics of policy setting and advocacy.

Why It Matters

Typically, policy agendas are shaped by well-resourced, mainstream organizations. We believe in changing this narrative by empowering groups rooted in environmental justice and diverse communities to lead the charge. It's not just about setting an agenda; it's about ensuring that these policies resonate with and effectively serve the communities most impacted by environmental issues.

Ways to Engage

Exceptional Quality

Exploratory Conversation

 Join us for an initial one on one

 personalized discussion to understand your group's needs and interests. This is a vital step in identifying resources and gaps, ensuring your capacity to engage autonomously and meaningfully.

Participate in a Series of Conversations

Engage in our series of monthly discussions, starting from January 2024 through April 2024. Your participation will be honored with an honorarium, and we estimate a commitment of 1-2 hours monthly. This series is a platform for collaborative learning, idea exchange, and shaping the agenda collectively.

Recommend Participants or Partners

Your recommendations are invaluable. Help us broaden our network by suggesting potential participants and partners who can contribute diverse perspectives and expertise to this initiative.

Resource Contributor

Contribute resources or expertise to support the initiative. Whether it's research, funding, or on-the-ground insights, your contributions will play a pivotal role in enriching the agenda and its impact.

Our Commitment

We offer more than just a conversation. Participants will receive pro-bono advisement and capacity support. This includes access to consultants and policy experts to enhance your organization's influence and effectiveness in this crucial area.

We emphasize an open, exploratory approach with no predetermined expectations or policy endorsements. Our focus is on facilitating and supporting what you deem essential for proactive and equitable regulations and policies.

Interested in Connecting

Let us know your availability, or book a meeting.L et us know your availability, or book a meeting.

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