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Rooted & Reimagined Strategies

Government Affairs Services


Rooted & Reimagined Strategies believes in supporting underserved and overburdened communities by embracing and lifting their unique voices on Capitol Hill or state capitols to influence and change the minds of decision-makers. It’s important that we center and give power to the families and communities impacted by the laws passed by elected officials. Together we can do that by raising awareness and building support to causes and candidates via meaningful government affairs engagement. 


Proactively navigating legislation through Congress, or stopping harmful legislation from becoming law, can take time, feel unnecessarily complicated or daunting, and the language used can sound like gibberish at times. This is not unintentional. The Rooted & Reimagined Strategies Government Affairs team has a proven record of working within these systems with both sides of aisle to find solution, working with key members in the House & Senate, leadership, and committees on a wide range of issues.


Rooted & Reimagined Strategies provides personalized government affairs guidance and support to organizations developing their presence with elected officials to lift our communities needs. We do this by utilizing strategies based in thoughtful advocacy and engagement.

Legislative and Regulatory Policy and Advocacy:

Making policy changes at the state or federal level takes time and has many moving parts. Together we will develop a campaign plan that clearly lays out the who, what, where, when, and how necessary to influence policy change. 


Rooted & Reimagined Strategies can support your organization with:

  • Issue Campaigns: Develop specific legislative advocacy campaigns with measurable goals and supporting strategy that aligns with clients' campaign plans, ensuring the timely activation of various elements for maximum effectiveness.

  • Direct Lobbying: Engage directly with legislators, government officials, and regulatory bodies to advocate on behalf of clients' interests.

  • Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring and Analysis: Track and report on legislative and regulatory developments that may impact clients, providing timely updates and strategic advice. Analyze proposed legislation and regulation to determine its potential impact on clients and develop strategic responses.

  • Bill Drafting and Advocacy: Assist in drafting legislation and working with lawmakers to introduce and support bills that benefit clients.

  • Committee Testimony: Prepare and deliver testimony before legislative committees to influence legislative outcomes.

Policy & Research:

Having a well articulated message supported by presentable data is one of the key ways to get support for your ideas with elected officials. To have an impact, you must clearly state what policy issues important to your organization are, your expertise and history of working on the issue, and why this change must happen. 


Rooted & Reimagined Strategies can support your organization with:

  • Policy Agenda Development: Assist in developing a policy agenda that clearly outlines the policy issues important to the organization, including the history, goals, and specific legislation supported or opposed.

  • Policy Analysis: Conduct in-depth analysis of policy proposals and their implications for clients.

  • Analysis and Recommendations on Emerging Public Policy Issues and Trends: Provide insights into the latest political landscapes and offer strategic advice on the best approaches for clients.

  • Aggregation of Data and Development of Documents: Create tailored publications, research reports, toolkits, or presentations to support clients' advocacy efforts.


Public Engagement: 

One voice alone isn’t enough to make the changes we want to see in the world. It takes multiple voices together, from the bottom to the top, to break through the constant chatter that happens in the political arena and stand out. This is especially true on topics that aren’t at the front of the minds of elected officials. 


Rooted & Reimagined Strategies can support your organization with:

  • Grassroots and Grasstops Organizing and Advocacy: Develop and implement plans that utilize the organization's strengths and leadership and effectively utilizing community voices and resources.

  • Public Education and Outreach: Develop and implement campaigns to educate the public on key issues and shape public opinion.

  • Coalition Building and Management: Form and manage coalitions of like-minded organizations to amplify advocacy efforts. Ensure coalitions have a shared mission and effectively navigate challenges that arise from collaborative efforts.

  • Event Planning: Organize public forums, town halls, and other events to engage the community and policymakers.

  • Legislative Advocacy Training for Leadership, Staff, or Stakeholders: Leadership and/or Advocacy training transforms creates effective advocates and storytellers who can engage directly with policymakers.

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